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  1. A Digital Pantry Inventory: Does it really help?

  2. Access your shopping list without internet access

  3. Accessing recipes from your Plan to Eat Friends

  4. Add a photo to a recipe

  5. Add ingredients and notes to the planner

  6. Add Recipes from Around the Web

  7. Add Recipes from Your Own Collection

  8. Add to and remove items from your shopping list

  9. Adding leftovers to the meal planner

  10. Advanced Recipe Search Functionality

  11. Affiliate Program: Earn 20% on Every Referral

  12. Can I buy Plan to Eat Subscriptions In Bulk?

  13. Can I use Plan to Eat for my business?

  14. Change the Serving Size of Recipes Already Placed on Your Planner

  15. Change the Serving Size of Recipes In Your Recipe Book

  16. Closing your account

  17. Comment on Recipes

  18. Declined Credit Cards

  19. Delete Recipes from your Recipe Book

  20. Drag recipes onto the Planner

  21. Edit Planner: Copy, Move, Swap, Delete, or Save a Menu for Multiple Planned Items

  22. Export your recipe book

  23. Filter and Search for Recipes

  24. Find Plan to Eat Friends

  25. Freezer Cooking

  26. Getting Started Videos: Where do I begin?

  27. Getting Started: Using the Meal Planner

  28. Gift Subscriptions

  29. Hide Recipes from your Recipe Book

  30. How ingredients are automatically placed in grocery categories on your Shopping List

  31. How much does Plan to Eat cost?

  32. How often will my meal plan (iCal feed) synch with my Google calendar?

  33. How to use the Shopping List

  34. Import Recipe Files From Other Programs

  35. Import Recipes from Pinterest

  36. Invite Friends to Share Recipes

  37. Items are on my Shopping List from Previous Shopping Trips

  38. Manually merge ingredients on your shopping list

  39. Meal Planner Options

  40. Metric Conversions

  41. Nutrition Information in Recipes & Monitoring Nutrition Information in the Planner

  42. Organize your shopping list into categories

  43. Prep (Preparation) Notes on Recipes

  44. Print recipes and what to do if you are having trouble

  45. Print, export, or view your shopping list

  46. Privacy on Recipes

  47. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): Google Sync onto an Android or iOS device through Chrome

  48. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): iCloud Install onto an iOS device

  49. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): Installing when there is no bookmark bar

  50. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): Manual install into Microsoft Edge

  51. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): Manual install on an Android Device

  52. Recipe Clipper (Bookmark): Manual Install on an iOS device

  53. Recipe Clipper: Import recipes while browsing the web

  54. Reset your Shopping List

  55. Resetting your password

  56. Saving Plan to Eat to your home screen on an Android phone

  57. Saving Plan to Eat to your home screen on an iPhone

  58. Searching for recently added recipes

  59. Share Recipes on Twitter, Facebook or via Email

  60. Share your meal plan with other calendar software

  61. Sort, Group, and Combine Items on Your Shopping List

  62. The Cooking View

  63. The Mini Planner

  64. Trouble Logging In

  65. Trouble Remaining Logged In on an Android Phone

  66. Trouble staying logged into Plan to Eat

  67. Troubleshooting Unexplainable Problems With Browser Extensions

  68. Upgrading Your Monthly Subscription to a Yearly Subscription

  69. Use grocery stores on your shopping list

  70. Use Rating, Course, Cuisine, and Tags For Better Recipe Organization

  71. Use the Staples List for frequently purchased items

  72. Using Menus with the Meal Planner

  73. Using Plan to Eat for Clients or Cleanses

  74. Using Plan to Eat on a Mobile Device

  75. What happens when my subscription expires?

  76. Where are all the recipes?

  77. Which websites can I import recipes from?

  78. Whose Recipe is it, Anyway?

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