Using Menus with the Meal Planner

Menus help you save a grouping of recipes, ingredients and events already on your planner for future use. Once you save a menu you can easily drag it to your planner just like recipes. You can create menus from your planner for one day (or one meal), a full or week, or even an entire month or more.

Create a new menu (Method 1)

  1. Add the recipes, ingredients and events to your planner that you would like to be included in your menu. 

  2. Click the Menu tab at the top-left of your planner, then click the Create Menu button to bring up the Save Menu Dialog. 

  3. Input and name for your new menu and the range of dates that includes the planned items you want in your menu. Your planner will visually indicate what dates you have selected with a blue background. You can also drag the dialog window to better see your planner.


When creating a new menu it does not matter what dates you plan your items on. Menus only keep track of the relation of your items to the date range, not the specific dates.

Create a new menu (Method 2)

1. Add the recipes, ingredients and events to your planner that you would like to be included in your menu. 

2. Click the top of the start date, or click and drag a range of dates, that you want to save as a menu and an Edit Meal Plan dialog window will open. If necessary, this window can be moved around the screen to help you see your Planner more fully.

3. Choose 'Save Menu' from the drop down options in the Edit Meal Plan dialog window.

4. Choose the correct date range and menu preferences (including which planned items and meal sections you prefer to save) and add a title for your menu. Click 'confirm' to save the Menu in your list.

Plan an existing menu

To plan an existing menu:

  1. Click and drag your menu to your planner. The items in your menu will display on your planner with a blue background and the number of items included for each day as you drag the menu around. 

  2. After you drop your menu on your planner make sure it is correct before committing it. If it is incorrect, click the undo button. 

If you have friends in Plan to Eat and they have saved menus, you can access their saved menus from the Select a Friend drop-down and then drag them to your planner just like your own menus.

Remove a menu

  1. Click the trashcan icon for any of your menus to permanently remove it. This will not effect any of your already planned menus. 

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